BGL | NYC Likely to Enact Measure to Protect “Gig Economy” Workers
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NYC Likely to Enact Measure to Protect “Gig Economy” Workers

31 Oct NYC Likely to Enact Measure to Protect “Gig Economy” Workers

The New York City Council has approved a proposed measure designed to protect workers in the “gig economy” — i.e., independent contractors who find work through apps and websites such as Uber, Angie’s List, etc.  The draft legislation contains several new rules and requirements, including:

  • a requirement that any hiring agreement involving services valued at or above $800 (either by itself or when aggregated with other contracts or agreements with the same service provider over the previous 120 days) be in writing;
  • time limits for paying workers for their services;
  • restrictions on payees’ ability to renegotiate contracts or agreements after the work in question has begun;
  • prohibitions against threats, intimidation, discipline, harassment, discrimination, or penalties against workers by payees; and
  • a complaint procedure for worker’s who have been subject to violations of the new provisions.

The proposed measure explicitly excludes sales representatives (as defined by New York Labor Law § 191-a), attorneys, and licensed medical professionals from coverage under the new rules.

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