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The Law Office of Brian L. Greben specializes in the representation of employees and employers in labor disputes. We help workers asserting claims against businesses for unpaid overtime and tips, as well as employers in need of defense in labor and employment matters.


Our areas of expertise include negligence and insurance litigation. We represent individuals and businesses in property damage and personal injury matters.


We provide coverage opinions and represent insurers in coverage litigation involving many different types of insurance, including bodily injury, property damage, disability, construction, lead paint, automobile, first-party property and personal injury. We defend insurance companies from direct claims by both insured and injured parties.


Our practice includes most areas of civil litigation, as well as criminal defense, such as defense from drug, alcohol, and DUI charges.

our employment and labor clientele
  • Many of our clients are people to whom wages, overtime, or tips are owed by their current or former employers. These clients include waiters, workers in retail, salespeople, and people working in .com start-ups.
  • We defend restaurants, stores and other businesses in wage, overtime, and tip litigation.
  • We defend restaurants from the NY Department of Labor in litigation involving alleged failure to pay wages, overtimes and tips.
  • We represent restaurants in OATH hearings involving the letter grades they are required to post.
  • We represent employees and employers in discrimination cases, including discrimination based on race, disability, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • We represent both employees and employers in disputes involving unemployment insurance claims.

Our non labor law work is varied. Our clients have included a store-owner fighting eviction; a landlord who needed to evict deadbeat tenants; a young man wrongly arrested for domestic assault; a woman who broke her leg on a street sign; individuals seeking asylum in the U.S.; a young girl who was burned by negligent flight attendants on an international flight; and individuals in traffic court matters.