BGL | NY DOL Minimum Wage Calculation Tool
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NY DOL Minimum Wage Calculation Tool

NY DOL Minimum Wage Calculation Tool

The New York Department of Labor recently released a web-based “minimum wage calculation tool,” to help employees determine their minimum wage.  Because of new regulations, minimum wages (and the credits employers may use to lower their applicable minimum wage) vary throughout New York state, based upon factors including the location of the employer, the specific industry involved, the size of the employer, etc.

Please note that the Law Office of Brian L. Greben IS NOT ENDORSING THE NY DOL MINIMUM WAGE CALCULATION TOOL.  I found it to be helpful, but much too confusing.  The questions it presents to users involve too many legal terms.  For example, it asks if the user is employed in the “hospitality” industry.  Many people would assume that “hospitality” involves hotels, inns, etc., without realizing that the hospitality industry also includes restaurants and other types of businesses.  In any event, please make sure you understand every word of every question asked before relying upon the tool’s answers.

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